Thursday, January 15, 2009

Real Greatness

Morning God,
Today is the 80th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King -
why does that matter more to me than that yesterday was the 83rd anniversary of the birth of my mother?
Is it just that my mother is alive?
Or is it that Martin Luther King has (peculiarly) has more impact on me than my mother has - even though he is dead?

How do you measure real greatness God?
Is it by their direct impact on society
Is it by what they say
Or is it by what they persuade others to do or say?

I think for me God it is something about vision - you gave Martin Luther King a vision a dream which others could share, and he did.

It's a terrifying thought that you probably give everyone of us a vision or dream to share..
and most of us either never wake up to its potential and so never share it, or worse, we forget it as soon as we wake..

Help me to never lose sight of the vision that you have given me for your people.
Grant me the courage to dream for you and to awaken others to its potential...

please God.

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