Saturday, November 14, 2009

Riding out the storm of life

Good morning God,

Thank you for your company last night, I really appreciated it. The wind's fury may not have been stilled by a prayer, but its ability to disturb and distress me was destroyed by your presence and the lesson you taught me.

Thank you.
I wont forget.
This small boat of a body that sails the seas of life may well be rocked and tossed and turned in The days and weeks ahead - but you are with me.
I need have no fear

Though not all howls will be silenced with a whisper from your lips, you will never allow a cry from me to be snatched away by the wind or to be drowned out by the thunder. For You are with me - and - best of all - you invite me to step out of my safety zone, and join you striding across the waves.

I have always known that there is a place for storms and a need for waves. There is a power in the fury that is part of you and is essential to salvation and creation. But last night you taught me that daring to join you enables me to be caught up in the continual genesis of your grace when power and passion floods the soul with a love of peace and a hunger for new life.

Though I did not sink beneath the waves, I woke this morning to find that my legs are still trembling with the memory of how last night, we did not calm the storm but walked the waters till its fury was spent, new life was given and your rainbow heralded the dawn of a new day.

So in future, though my knees may be weak and my steps uncertain, I will try to remember how important it can be to let the storm rage. I will remember too how important it is to leave my place of relative safety, for I know now that you call us to master our fear and make a miracle happen. You invite us to step out and walk with you, wherever your Spirit thunders at the injustice, poverty, crime, and hatred in our world until we rage and long, as you do, for its cleansing and healing. For then, and only then, I suspect, will the storm be stilled for all time.


  1. How wonderful it is when we answer His call to walk across those waves in the storm and wake to a new dawn of peace and 'a hunger for new life'. May God's love and peace strengthen amd support you always.

  2. sometimes, though, we step out and sink - step out and sink - step out and sink - and the storms still rage and the waves still crash and the winds batter us - but still we step out cos one day we will walk on day.