Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whose ordination is real..

Good morning God,

I was startled to find someone in our Church yesterday who was impersonating a minister. What an odd thing to want to do! Yet, it is not the first time I have met someone who seemed to see something so desirable in this vocation that they pretended to the office. Some buy their ordination certificates from the internet, set up their own 'church' and spend their time clerically attired. I wonder what they get out of it?
The man I challenged in our cafe area ran off when challenged, he had engaged one of our visitors in conversation - what was trying to do- feel respected, feel valued, or just con them out of money?
The woman I knew was a failed candidate for the ministry. She simply could not agree with the Church's decision and so when she was turned down, she tried to claim that she had been accepted by another church. She not only bought her ordination, she bought a Doctorate too and became a Revd Dr.
So sad..
But it has had me rethinking what value do I place on my own ordination, and on its visibility to to others and - what makes my ordination more 'real' than theirs?

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