Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Excited about preaching from Scripture..

Good afternoon God,
Just a quick word of thanks for the book of Revelation - I'm loving it!
I can't say that I'm making too much sense of it, but I'm beginning to think that's that whole point of it. Let the mind go.. leave logic behind and see where your vision takes me..
I've noticed that there's just enough of a hint of normality in the book to entice my mind to play with the possibilities - it really is just like one of Escher's drawings, makes perfect sense as long as you don't look or think about it too long!

It makes me excited to find out what happens next - after all - everyone is dead already - the righteous have been harvested, the unrighteous too.. the grapes of wrath trodden - blood flowing higher than a horses bridle.. and we're only on chapter 14!

And yes.. it certainly makes writing sermons far more of a creative process
For tomorrow's Eucharist the text is Revelation 15:1-4..
So I've got bread, wine, seven angels, seven plagues, seas of glass and fire and victorious people with harps singing to you..

And the message for the day is...?

Love it !
Thank you God..
Did anyone ever tell you - great book this!

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  1. Yes! Every time you really study it , you get a different -new - message. I wonder what your Eucharist message will be, Angela?