Thursday, April 1, 2010

30 pieces of Silver

Am I the one God..?
Of course I am, I know it, you know it..
But there's always the moment of doubt, of uncertainty..
Will I go through with it
Will I sell you out

not for 30 pieces of silver
(although heaven knows the property committee could do with it Lord)
I'm tempted to sell you out for something far more mundane than silver

the complement of the service,
the reward of a 'nice' Easter..

Not as expensive in one way
hardly a hanging offense
But just as deadly

Just as necessary?

Would Easter happen without our small betrayals
After all..
you wouldn't want to die unnoticed would you God?
And what's a candle or two, some incense between friends..?

Am I the one God ?
God forbid.
As I break bread with you,
Hear my prayer that this year
you will enter my heart
and the hearts of all those who long to tremble at the events of this night

Let me stay and recline at your breast as the disciple you love
And not venture out into the night.
Let me stay and weep as the drama unfolds
except in prayer.


  1. Great post Angie: sharp and telling. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Angie as always for your wonderful thought provoking words....