Thursday, May 6, 2010

A prayer for the also-rans.

Good evening God,
I think I was designed to come second in life.
It used to bother me, never quite managing to come first at anything, never quite achieving what I wanted to, never top of the class, or the best of the bunch. But eventually you get used to it - and even though it never stops being a source of inner grief, you do come to value it.

After all, if nobody came second, coming first would be meaningless!
It's nice to know that I enable others to shine..
but there are times (and elections are one of those times) when it just feels rotten.

So tonight, I want to say a prayer for all the other 'also-rans' who, after weeks of campaigning, after perhaps years of building up to this moment, will hear that they didn't come first in the ballot.

God of Ishmael, Esau and Reuben,
of John the Baptist, Thaddeus and the other Judas,
God of Martha and Anne and Juliana,
hear my prayer for the also-rans.
Bless them with the knowledge that they too are special,
remind them that they are the light without which there is nothing to make the others shine,
they are the contrast without which there is nothing spectacular to see.
And Lord,
when they doubt their value,
when they count second place as a failure
remind them that you chose to describe yourself as the first and the last,
the alpha and omega
so that no place could be counted worthless,
And everyone could know
You delight in making the last first,
the first last -
and all of us the same.

I give thanks this night for all those who have stood for election.
Whether they have won or lost.
Bless them for their conviction,
for their commitment,
and for their willingness to run the risk of not being elected.
Enable them, I pray, to know that whatever happens,
they have played a crucial part in the life of this nation.
Though they cannot all win the election,
they are all worthy of our respect and thanks.
Without them, without their willingness to risk it all
there would be no democracy.
Bless them God.
Bless them all.


  1. Angela,Olive died on Wednesday.
    We are trying to work out how to inform people.
    Thankyou for asking about her. Please could you send your email. (daughter) (son)

  2. Dear Angela, thank you so much for letting me know about Olive - such a special lady. My comment on your blog would be - 'when you stand at the end of the queue you stand next to the One who wore the thorns' what a wonderful place to be, don't you think! xxxx