Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scientific proof

Good morning God,
Today I was amazed to realise that it's only taken us 20 centuries or so since the time of Christ to figure out  (and I quote from today's edition of the New Scientist, a leading scientific journal)

You can't fight violence with violence 

Yep.. we have now scientifically proved the obvious..
The fact that you have been repeatedly telling us the same thing doesn't really count God, I mean  we don't really believe things these days unless scientists tell us do we -
so I wonder what we will do now that they have?

Will we kill the scientist too?


  1. I don't quite agree with your take on this:

  2. Hi Ron,
    judging from your blog - I'm certain that you have totally failed to understand my take on this!

    But, then, you never really expected to did you? After all, we religious people are just 'Bible Bashers' with no ability to deploy reason, leave alone irony.

    My blog entry was not intended to be a joke - too many lives are at stake for that - try reading it again - this time without your normal prejudicial perspective.

  3. I didn't say it was intended to be a joke. I merely said it is one.

    What's to misunderstand? Your words claim a Christian view is prior to a scientific view reaching the same conclusion - I acknowledge that and give some rational explanation for it. Your point about 20 centuries implies you think it a Christian view, which it isn't because the idea pre-dates Christianity, and like many human ideas its origin is lost in time.

  4. Would you care to expand? Generally, if you think someone has misunderstood, it's more helpful to explain. "Sigh..." isn't as informative as you might think. Really, explain what you mean, and if I've completely misjudged I'll apologise and retract.

  5. Ron - as requested