Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Future

Morning God,
Just before I get up and start the day, I want to say thank you - for the future. Let me explain - it's alright for you - you are changeless and ageless... but I am not and it's really not easy you know, waking up one day and realising that life happened - and you missed it.
In my case, it just seemed to have slipped out of my fingers when I wasn't looking. One day I was making plans and looking forward to making my contribution to the world, and the next day - I woke up to find that the best contribution I could make was to help someone else make their contribution... sigh..
Yes of course I regret not having achieved all the things I dreamt of, and of course I still yearn for many of the same things...
But with growing certainty I now realise that some things are just not going to happen - not here anyway.
But, you gave me a dream last night which makes me believe that the future is still open... and who knows...?
So, thank you for yesterday, and for all my missed opportunities.
But best of all thank you for the future, your future, with all its surprises.
I may not be ageless, but, thanks to you, I'm not giving in to old age yet.

Thank you for keeping me young.
Bless you God - Bless you.

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