Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's the bloody point of Church?

Morning God,
just one question this morning - what is the bloody point of it all...?
No, not life, the universe and everything - just of Church.
What does it matter how many people sing hymns or dont on a Sunday, or any other day of the week.. who read their scriptures or have them power-pointed at them..

What does it matter when the underbelly of religion, the reality of its decency and concern, is so violent, so sick and perverted that it's no wonder most intelligent people turn away from it in disgust.
Tell me God, where is Christ incarnate today - in Gaza in a school build for peace which was just bombed by the 'Chosen People'?
or is he perhaps one of the new born babies in Africa lucky enough to get a vaccine to keep him alive, paid for by some conscientious parent who knows that disposable nappies are a serious pollutant but - hey - her baby's crap can help stop a baby dying of Tetanus - but only if she uses the right nappy!

Or worst of all - is Christ really incarnate here in the West - and being raised even now to perpetuate the myth that buying the odd fair-trade banana or so, badgering an MP and going to Church on a Sunday will make him qualified to speak or preach about justice, faith and life in all its fullness?

What is the bloody point of Church, God? All it seems to do is perpetuate this veneer of respectability, of holiness even, and allow us to continue to slaughter the innocents.. as though we dont know what we are part of.

There are times God, when I could almost hate you for calling me to be so involved in it all...

Ok.. so I've seen...
now what God?

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